Saturday, July 21, 2007

Memorable calls

Received a call last night, it was very early morning, 6am. I’ve always been told I have a sexy voice so sexy I could read a grocery list and a guy could get a hard on. This call however was not the usual get on/get off. A voice replied to me, it was damned sexy. I sometimes get these calls where the caller wants to seduce me with words there are times I fall in and times I don’t. This was one of those times I fell in. His voice was like silk, it was memorizing, hypnotic almost. This voice whispered to me as I felt as if he was actually caressing me. He asked me what I looked like, and when I told him he said that my womanliness almost too painful to bear, WOW! He spoke of my soft breasts with their curves, my hips and round ass. As if I was Venus herself. My pussy went from moist to dripping. He was making love to me with his word and I never heard any thing like it. When we get to the part of sex, it was so descriptive that I actually felt his cock sliding in and out of me. I felt my self start to orgasm. I listened for 20mintues as he spoke to me. My orgasm came in a flood, I flood of every pent up emotion. And here’s the crazy part, I can tell the call was ending and I actually begged him not to go. In a flash, he was gone. Why he picked me, why he called to get me off I’ll never know. Thank you wherever and whoever you are. This goes in the catalogue of memorable calls for sure!

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